Frequently Asked Questions

The Skips sizes vary from area to area, but we generally have from 2 to 25 cubic metre skips in eastern capitals and from 2 to 10 cubic metres in Perth.

Our experience has taught us that following sizes often apply for typical jobs are as follows:

  • Bathroom renovation – 3 to 4 cubic metres
  • Kitchen renovation – 4 cubic metres
  • Moving house (large cleanup) – 4 to 6 cubic metres
  • Moving house (small cleanup) – 2 to 3 cubic metres
  • Deceased estate – 10 to 30 cubic metres.
  • Excavation project – multiply length * width * depth to get the volume excavated then multiply again by 1.3 to allow for packing inefficiency. Note: soil tends to weight in order of 1.5 tonnes per cubic metre.
  • Demolished brickwork or concrete – multiply length * width * depth to get the volume demolished then multiply again by 1.5 to allow for packing inefficiency. Note: brickwork and concrete tend to weight in order of 1.5 tonnes per cubic metre.

If you are in doubt, please take a larger skip to avoid needing another skip.

Important to take the size of the area where you will put the skip and the width of the truck relative to your driveway into consideration.

These are just estimates and customer is responsible for choosing the most appropriate skips size.

In many areas you can book on the same day but before a truck is already sent to your area.

We do not guarantee delivery times unless prearranged and agreed to. A truck delivers up to 6 skips in a run. When prearranged, the delivery is then in a logical sequence to minimize distance. If you know that you will need to use the skip first thing in the morning, we recommended that you have delivery the day prior.

  • Pay online or over the phone with your choice of credit or debit cards.
  • EFT payments can be made but Rentaskip must be emailed a copy of the.
  • EFT transfer receipt prior to delivery of the skip (for exceptions see below).
  • Cheque payments are entertained as special cases.
  • Government departments and registered charities can arrange to pay by EFT or cheque after the provision of the service.
  • Accounts can be set up for approved applicants subject to satisfaction of our standard credit check and agreement to our terms of trade.

Please do not over load the skips above the rims to avoid hassles and costs.

It is illegal to transport an overfilled skip and invites huge fine and demerit points to drivers.

If a skip is overfilled, you will be given the option to hire an additional skip, or to remove the excess material.

Also, you will pay all the labour costs incurred during the process.

If there is nobody on site when the collection occurs, the driver will, at his own discretion attempt to remove the excess material and place it in a pile as close as possible to the skip’s location.

In cases where the excess is not removed and the skip remains for extended periods, the customer may be liable for additional charges including rental, labour costs and additional transport costs if it becomes necessary for us to unload the excess.

You as the customer are in possession of the skip and are responsible for what goes in it. Therefore, you will be responsible for any costs arising if anyone puts something in the skip that is not allowed or overloads it.

Asbestos must not be put in any skip rented from SKIP Bins Australia.

Asbestos can be found in many materials in houses built up until the late 1980s. Please consult an expert before placing the material if you are not sure whether it contains. You may refer to the state government information

If asbestos is found in a skip prior to removal from a customer’s property, the skip will not be removed until properly dealt with.

If asbestos is found in the skip after it has been tipped either at landfill or at a transfer station, high decontamination costs and possibly very heavy penalties may be imposed. The customer will be responsible for the payment of all costs immediately.

You can always put a skip within your own property subject to space requirements. Different rules apply when you need to put the skip on the road or nature strip. (See council permits question below.) Most skip trucks offload a skip from the rear, either using two parallel hoists or a hooklift system where the bed of the truck tips up and the skip is rolled off. Therefore, there are limitations to where you can get a skip into.

When you hire a skip bin, you specify the collection date and it will be collected on that date unless you request to change the date and time. If a driver finds a skip not full or substantially empty, he will contact the customer, but ultimately will have the discretion to remove the skip if he sees fit. If you turn away the driver on arrival, you (the customer) will be responsible for payment of any call out fee incurred for the additional trip.

If the skip cannot be delivered for any reason, other than the fault of Skip Bins, or our local supplier, or the driver, the customer will be liable for any callout fees incurred and will be entitled to either a refund of the balance, or for the balance to be credited towards the hire of a different skip.